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Please note: It is no longer possible to download a tailored version of CyberChair. To obtain a version that you have to configure yourself (by changing a fixed version that has been configured using the default values listed below), please contact me - Richard.

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Troubleshooting faq

CyberChair (unlike CyberChairPRO) is free software. You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

If you use CyberChair, I would appreciate it if you would send me a souvenir of your conference or workshop.

To get a customized version of CyberChair, please fill in the form below, carefully taking into account the instructions. Before doing that, it may be helpful to first read the User guide/installation manual, to see which files will be affected by the form you fill in. In case you filled in incorrect values, you may either get another copy of CyberChair, or, or change things by hand, using the manual. The paper CyberChair: A Web-Based Groupware Application to Facilitate the Paper Reviewing Process describes the functionality of CyberChair in detail.

Please note that the version of CyberChair that is currently available for download is not the latest version, but the one used for ECOOP 2000.

If you came here to download CyberChair, while you collected all submissions by email, you're actually too late, and will have to resubmit the submissions, using the submission part, in order to get all data that is needed for the reviewing process into the system.

For easier use and adaption of CyberChairPRO (CyberChair's bigger brother), as well as general supporting facilities, check out Borbala Online Conference Services, a University of Twente spin-off, created in May 2000 by the creator and maintainer of CyberChair, Richard van de Stadt.

Downloading CyberChair

Important: In order to get a sensible version of CyberChair, you have to fill in all fields. If you do not fill in correct values, you may have to make manual corrections in many files. For some issues (marked by a *) you may need to consult your webmaster first.

You will get a message by email containing the URL of the file to download. If you fill in a non-existing email address, you simply won't get the instructions. Hotmail and yahoo adresses are not accepted. After unpacking, please make sure that the original directory structure is reproduced.

Make sure that the webserver/http daemon you use is allowed to write in the directories that hold the submission files of abstracts, papers, camerareadypapers, reviewer's bids and reviews. To allow Python to write .pyc files (that speed things up), the cgi-bin directory must also be writeable by the http daemon. Currently, those directory permissions are set to 1777 (drwxrwxrwt), The command tar xvpf filename should do the job. Use the tar command in the install directory you specify below (or move the directory structure to that directory if you used the tar command in another directory).

We only used CyberChair on a Sun server, and have no experience with systems running Windows 95 and up. Please note that Netscape 6 does not show the colors that are used by CyberChair. We recommend MSIE 5.5 or Netscape 4.7.

The pre-filled values below are provided as an example.

The data you enter is taken literally to substitute certain keywords in the templates of the source code. Please do not enter the return key in any of the fields. Use the tab key or the mouse to go from one field to another.

Please introduce yourself

Email address (needs to be valid, in order to send you instructions for downloading your tailored version)

Data needed for the customization of CyberChair

The location of python on your system. Do not use the -W ignore parameter if you use Python version 2.1.3 or lower
Full name of conference or workshop
Acronym of conference or workshop
Date and location of the conference or workshop
Deadline for submission of abstracts
Deadline for submission of papers
Deadline for submission of camera-ready papers
* homepage of conference or workshop (without "http://")
* URL of site where CyberChair will be installed (without "http://", without subdirectory, and without a trailing slash!)
If the URL of the submission site contains a subdirectory, fill that in here. Do not start with a slash and do not include a trailing slash!
* Directory where you will install CyberChair. Do not include a trailing slash!
* DOCUMENTROOT (directory name -only one- where the web-accessible files will be located, relative to the previous directory. Do not include a trailing slash!
* CGI-alias (without the surrounding slashes)
Name of maintainer (may be the same as the chair)
login name of maintainer (* to be created with htpasswd)
Email address of maintainer
Name of program chair (only 1 allowed)
Email address of program chair

(There is no submit button - See the notice at the top of this page.)

CyberChair - An Online Paper Submission and Reviewing System Author: Richard van de Stadt
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