Information for proceedings editors

Until now we've been supplying data to both Springer-Verlag and ACM Press. This is done as follows: Authors of accepted papers submit a camera-ready version of their paper. They submit both the source and a final version (ps and/or pdf). The Program Chair sends us a list of accepted papers and the order in which they will appear in the proceedings (including the session topics).

Then, templates in TeX are used to prepare the pages preceeding the papers, called 'roman-numbered pages' (RNP) or 'front matter', and the author index, usually following the papers. We have tools to semi-automatically generate these parts of the RNP: the organizing committee (usually taken from the website), co-reviewers (also called 'referees' or 'external reviewers'), sponsors (with their logos in 300 dpi resolution eps files), the table of contents (TOC) and the author index (AI).

The TOC and AI are automatically generated, based on the input of the authors. They are asked to very carefully check their input before submitting it (but still checking is required, of course). The authors must also indicate the number of pages their paper consists of, which is required in order to be able to generate the TOC and author index. The list of co-reviewers (also called external reviewers or referees) is collected from the review forms.

The generated RNP, AI and the submitted files are put in a tar file and then forwarded to either the publisher, the proceedings editor, or the program chair. If you don't use TeX, our tools won't be fully helpful, but then maybe partly.

We usually do not edit the camera-ready files submitted by the authors, but make them available for the chair and editor to check them. We rename the files, according to your needs. In Springer's case, they include the first page on which they appear in the proceedings (4 digits). Springer also requires another 4 digits in the filenames, indicating the volume number of the proceedings. As soon as all camera-ready files have been submitted, Springer assigns such a volume number.

Detailed instructions at Springer-Verlag:

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