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Double feedback messages
We try to make filling in the submission form as easy as possible, since we are aware that things may get quite hectic, especially near the submission deadline, and you need to spend most time on your submission, not on submitting it. Still, we need to be able to contact you or your co-authors in case something goes wrong.

Our main means of contact is email. Typically, other (full snail mail) address information and phone or fax numbers are never used during the submission and review process, so we don't bother you to supply us with that information. However, this means that the email addresses must be correct. To increase the chance that at least one of the authors gets the feedback and notification messages, we ask you to fill in all authors' email addresses. (An added advantage of this is that all authors are aware of who is taking care of the submission, which avoids double submissions from co-authors.)

Still, entering email addresses can go wrong, which results in bounces that the submitter would not be aware of, unless the system maintainer forwards the bounces to the submitter.

Feedback messages from the system are sent to all authors from an email address ending in webadmin@borbala.com. Note that CyberChairPRO does not respond to autoresponders that ask for a confirmation message.

To increase the likeliness that feedback messages are accepted by the authors' mailservers, a second feedback message is sent, this time by the submitter as sender (obviously spoofed). As a result, bounces will be sent to the submitter, who should then use the resubmission page to correct the wrong email addresses. (You might argue that this mechanism won't work in case the submitter submits a wrong email address. This however, will become obvious for the maintainer when the first message bounces, after which the co-authors will be contacted.)

In few cases, you may receive a bounce from your own mail server, reporting that it cannot deliver the message to you. That may surprize you, because you get the message anyway, as part of the bounce. What happens is that your mail server has been made as clever as to recognize that the second feedback message was not sent by your own mailserver (since it was spoofed by the submission system), which it may not allow. Because of that, it bounces the messages. The bounce is sent to the sender, which is the one mentioned on the From: line of the message, which happens to be you, so you get the feedback message anyway :-)

Note: If you get the first feedback message from the submission system, your submission succeeded, even if the second message reaches you via a bounce from your own mail server.
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