Using CyberChairPRO

This document shows a brief overview of the actions that are involved using CyberChairPRO/Borbala. (See also: this picture)

Actions needed by
Concerning the preparation:
Discuss webserver - ACM/ Chair and Borbala
Collect names and email addresses of pc members, or use CyberChairPRO's signup tool Chair/Borbala (or from conference website)
Collect conference main topics Borbala (pick from conference website)
Discuss submission form Chair and Borbala
Set up CyberChairPRO (on client's webserver; Hosting is also possible for an additional fee.) Two-phase reviewing (Area Chairs, Senior Program Committee members) is also possible. Borbala
Tell reviewers to reserve time for bidding after the papers have been submitted Chair (or Borbala if the chair would like that)
Concerning the submission phase:
Submit abstracts and full papers (preferably in one step, but two separate steps is also possible, although not adviced) Authors
Answer questions about submission extensions Chair
Close submisison site Borbala/Chairs (Using the Submission Gate Control page)
Set up pages for late submissions Borbala
Check and delete double submissions Borbala
Concerning the review phase:
Prepare bidding Borbala
Inform reviewers to fill in their expertise and preferences for papers they'd like to review (also called bidding), and fill in conflicts of interest Chair/Borbala
Pick up the login info from the reviewer entry page Reviewers
Remind reviewers to fill in their expertise and bid for papers Chair or Borbala
Re-remind reviewers to fill in their expertise and bid for papers :-( Chair or Borbala
Prepare paper/reviewer assignment proposal, trying to fullfil as many high preferences of reviewers as possible Borbala
Assign papers, using all kinds of overviews and swap/move tools Chair
Set up reviewers' pages Borbala
Prepare paper packages for downloading Borbala
Prepare offline review forms for downloading. See also the review process. Borbala
Download offline review forms Reviewers
Download papers Reviewers
Check if papers are printable and report problems (e.g. font problems) Chair/Reviewers/Borbala
Ask authors to submit a corrected version, in case print problems have been reported Borbala/Chair
Install new versions of papers and inform reviewers Borbala/Chair
Submit reviews of papers Reviewers
Read reviews of other reviewers, to prepare for the PC meeting Reviewers
Setup the author response system. Some conferences use this step to allow authors to read the reviews and respond, typically to indicate factual errors in the reviews, but also to respond to questions of the reviewers. Borbala
Check reviews and submit response Authors
Discuss papers and reviews online Chair/Area Chairs/Reviewers
Concerning the PC meeting:
Prepare review overviews for the PC meeting, in both html and pdf format Borbala
Generate 'name cards' (A4 or letter format, to be printed and folded by the organizers) Borbala
Prepare slides for the PC meeting, in pdf format Borbala (Chair must supply discussion order by email)
Prepare discussion lists for the PC members, in pdf format Borbala (Chair must supply discussion order by email)
Run PC meeting Chair and reviewers
Supply info about accepted papers (or other categories) Chair (using the PCM Mate tool or by email)
Adapt reviews Reviewers
Concerning the notifications:
Supply accept and reject texts (or other categories) Chair (by email)
Prepare notification messages to be sent to authors Borbala
Verify notification messages to be sent to authors Chair
Send notification notifications and (anonymized) comments to authors Borbala (chair name and email used as sender)
Concerning the proceedings:
Extract co-reviewers from review forms to send to chair for inclusion in the proceedings Borbala
Submit camera-ready papers Authors (hardcopy to chair)
Submit copyright form Authors (hardcopy or fax to chair)
Optionally, extra
Prepare camera-ready submission pages Borbala
Submit camera-ready papers Authors (via web to CyberChairPRO, or
Authors (to publisher)
Include paper number with each accepted submission to match the ordering in the conference program. Chair
If applicable: Produce 'front matter' of proceedings (table of contents, author index) Borbala
Deliver data for proceedings to publisher Borbala
Print/Publish proceedings Publisher